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Australian Institute for Narrative Care

Our Bank Account Details

Payments / Donations may be made by electronic transfer to:

  • Good News Counselling.com: Australian Institute for Narrative Care.
  • Community Sector Banking (Devision of Bendigo Bank).
  • BSB: 633000
  • Account Number: 152 338 075
  • Kindly advise your Name and Invoice Number with payment!

Fees: Alternative Arrangements

When you receive an invoice and you are not financially able to pay for any service rendered by the AINC, then please feel free to make an arrangement with us by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link on this page.

Counselling Fees: Good News Counselling.com

Counselling at consulting rooms and online:

  • $88 per 60 minute session for all individual clients.
  • $110 per 60 minute session for all couples.
  • (normal amount of sessions: 4-10).
  • Clients will be invoiced for services rendered.

AINC Seminar & Course Fees

Seminars & Courses

  • $88 per person per module
  • Individual members of the AINC enjoy a price reduction of $20 per module for every AINC seminar / workshop or course.
  • Clients and students will be invoiced with receipt of registration form.
  • Registration for seminars and courses will only be accepted after full payment of fees has been received.

AINC Membership Fees

1. Individual Membership

  • $100 per year

2. Family Membership

  • $200 per year

3. Corporate Membership (Standard)

  • $500 per year

4. Corporate Membership (Premium)

  • $1000 per year